Saturday, 8 August 2009


Hi everyone, today I woke up really late. I found this really good and intresting post on, that you should all read about Miranda Kerr.
Miranda Kerr
Model turned writer Miranda Kerr proves that beauty is more than skin-deep with her new wellness book.Miranda Kerr may live an impossibly glamorous life--jet-setting internationally, strutting the runway for Victoria's Secret, attending movie premieres with boyfriend Orlando Bloom--but deep down, she's a total bookworm. "I love to read! I've come to consider some of my favorite books as trusted friends I can always depend on," she says. Her love of the written word is exactly why she recently completed her latest project, a book called Treasure Yourself (Hay House). Miranda (who studied psychology, naturopathy, and nutrition at school, after her dreams of being a professional gymnast were waylaid when she grew too tall) hopes this guide, which combines self-esteem tips and health advice, will "remind girls of what they're capable of." She notes, "Your teen years are when you create a foundation for the rest of your life, from habits to ideas of who you think you are and what you believe you are able to accomplish. A confident teen is more likely to set out to achieve what she dreams of simply because she thinks she can. I want to contribute to that." And her signature positive attitude has served this 26-year-old well, from her gig as a Victoria's Secret Angel to her multiple magazine covers. "One thing I tell girls who want to break in to the industry is that there's no such thing as 'looking' like a model. There are so many different shapes and sizes, and everyone has things they want to change: freckles in odd places, dimples where they might not want them, and hair where it shouldn't be. Just remember that picture-perfect doesn't exist--perfection is you, just the way you are."

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