Friday, 28 August 2009


I want a canon-camera, an ipod, lots of clothes and books, a new cellphone, I want to travel to New zealand, Australia, Capetown, france and the Galapagos islands, to be free and never get up early in the mornings, but remember that not getting always what you want, is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Whats joy, without pain?

Hi everybody! The lazy sunny days are now exchanged with the ordinary. for three days ago I started in High school. It's really hard, cause all my friends go to another school. I guess I have to tolerate this year. I'm really exited to next year. I have decided to study one year to another country. I don't know which country, but I really want to travel to either New Zealand or France.

Friday, 14 August 2009


Right now I want this Diana Von Furstenberg jacket
you can Buy it at

Also this lovely bikini
just love it!
Pictures borrowed from

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Who is the man? Are you good at anagrimy?
Find it out?
The headline will help you, good luck

Monday, 10 August 2009

Celebrity of the week

Isabel Lucas
Born: 29 January 1985, Victoria Australia
Height: 5'6" 168 cm
Language: Speaks French and German in addition to her native english
Most known: for her character "Tasha Andrews" in Home and away (an australian drama)
She is a big animal lover and has lots of animals including birds guinea pigs, horses, dogs and cats.

Sunday, 9 August 2009


Hi people! I want to write an intresting post, but I don't know how to start, so I start with the weather. As you know (or not, I don't no) I live in Norway, which is a very beautiful country, but sadly the waether here is very varieated. Right now the clouds are blocking the sun to shine, so it's really a grey day today. Suprisely I woke up really early today, which is a good thing, cause I need to make my sleep routine right. It's only one week to the school beginns, and I'm niehter happy or sad. I guess I'm just a little exited. I want to start training. I love to train, it makes me feel so alive. I train taekwondo btw. its a martial art. I also want to beginn to train yoga after taekwondo lessons. My goal is to train and study a lot this year, and travel to France as an exchange student! Doesn't it sound great?
last tuesday I borrowed a really good book. The Da Vinchi Kode. It's amazing. You have to read it. I recommend it on the highst levels! I also borrowed another book named Skinny Bitchin'. Even though the name sounds wierd, I have to say the book contents really good stuff.
Here are examples:

The univers is designed to give us
everything we need and want.
It's really our own fears and our feelings of
unworthiness, shame and doubt
that keep us from recieving
the incredible abundance and fullness
and goodness of life. -Shakti Gawain

Remember that not getting what you want
is sometimes a wonderfull stroke of luck. -The Dalai Lama

We must become the change
we wish to see in the world. -Mahatma Ghandi

Now I'm going to paint in my new scretchbook. If you don't paint, then you should really try it. Painting has helped me to express my self. When I paint, I can create a whole new world. I started painting when I begann in kindergarten. You don't have to be good at it. Just find your own style.
And I have a question for you. When do you start at school/work and where do you live?

Saturday, 8 August 2009


Hi everyone, today I woke up really late. I found this really good and intresting post on, that you should all read about Miranda Kerr.
Miranda Kerr
Model turned writer Miranda Kerr proves that beauty is more than skin-deep with her new wellness book.Miranda Kerr may live an impossibly glamorous life--jet-setting internationally, strutting the runway for Victoria's Secret, attending movie premieres with boyfriend Orlando Bloom--but deep down, she's a total bookworm. "I love to read! I've come to consider some of my favorite books as trusted friends I can always depend on," she says. Her love of the written word is exactly why she recently completed her latest project, a book called Treasure Yourself (Hay House). Miranda (who studied psychology, naturopathy, and nutrition at school, after her dreams of being a professional gymnast were waylaid when she grew too tall) hopes this guide, which combines self-esteem tips and health advice, will "remind girls of what they're capable of." She notes, "Your teen years are when you create a foundation for the rest of your life, from habits to ideas of who you think you are and what you believe you are able to accomplish. A confident teen is more likely to set out to achieve what she dreams of simply because she thinks she can. I want to contribute to that." And her signature positive attitude has served this 26-year-old well, from her gig as a Victoria's Secret Angel to her multiple magazine covers. "One thing I tell girls who want to break in to the industry is that there's no such thing as 'looking' like a model. There are so many different shapes and sizes, and everyone has things they want to change: freckles in odd places, dimples where they might not want them, and hair where it shouldn't be. Just remember that picture-perfect doesn't exist--perfection is you, just the way you are."

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Sunday, 2 August 2009


Should I buy this in purple or black?