Monday, 6 February 2012

chalo chalo....

yes! it means come on in HIndi. As you see, the publishing date on this post, several years has passed since i updated this blog... or should i say, since i created this blog.You may wish to know why i'm writing on this blog now and not before, well the answer is quite complicated, but since you're such a good reader of mine i'm going to tell it anyway. Imediatly, after creating this blog, i created another blog, i dont know why, i guess sometimes i get metally attached, but let's say there's another far better reason, which i cannot recollect. Anyways, i started to write posts, mostly because i was in a need of attention and needed audience, because, well i guess, i was not secure of myself. And i did get audience, and this led ofcourse to feedback. But most importantly of all, my english writing got better, and i noticed it every single time i got my english tests back. and it felt good, indeed! So that's why i've started to write againg - to improve my writing, because i really lost a lot of my skills in writing and english generally, when i stopped writing posts!! :o But why not start again?
i don't know, maybe i will quit this thing (?)

So, right now i practising for a test i have tomorrow about india and slumdog millionaire. And i cannot fattom what is wrong with me!!! I don't have motivation at all. NO! I can do it! W'll see.