Friday, 24 April 2009

Yes, finally weekend. After a long day at school, I had to work. I work at Mcdonalds, which I honestly hate! I get so exhuasted, stressed and so, so tired, but I cant quit, because I need money. Have you ever worked at MacDonalds, or do you have a job or a part-time job? How do YOU afford your needs?


  1. no i've never worked at mcdonalds before, looks like a shitty job :s no offence. I have a weekend job (only sundaymornings) in a supermarket in the meat section. I don't like it either but i need the money also. I also have to wear a uniform, you too? I'm a student, so i need that weekendjob to afford all the new clothes I buy :p

  2. Yeah hi does! But I didn't like his collection with hm at all. Its to hard to fit in!

  3. yeah, i have to wear a uniform too...