Monday, 27 April 2009

i don't care if Monday's blue...

So, Monday again. I was supposed to train today, but i really didn't just had the energi to train. I feel really slack these days, i don't no why! Yesterday i planned to go to the liberary (today), but i totally forgot it. It wanted to borrow that book, named fight club (anyone who have read it?). I saw another blogger who had read it and i just thought why not and it sounded interesting.
Now i'm reading my FAVORITE blogs and listening to music.

Listening to:
Alphabeat- boyfriend
Lily Allen- the fear
the ting ting-that's not my name
the cure- friday, i'm in love
What kind of music are you into?


  1. Hello!

    Thanks a lot for passing at my blog!
    I feel like you right now....I feel tired right now...I need some time off...

    about music, I always love rock and alternative songs....

  2. Hey, I'm glad you feel the same way on how beauty is perceived. I want to go into fashion journalism to show girls that they are all beautiful, no matter the shape or color. Fashion is here to enhance our beauty both on the inside and outside, and that is something special.

    The sun and schoolwork has me feeling equally drained!

    Music, I like everything really, literally, just not country; I'm not down to hear songs about beer, bitches, and dogs haha. But I especially dig classics like The Beatles and The Doors, Janis Joplin, then 90's music like Sublime, Dave Matthews, 311, Smashing Pumpkins. Oh and I like mommy music like Tracy Chapman and James Taylor. Really... I just like it all.

    There is a really good quote from a song by Slightly Stoopid called "Everything You Need"

    "If you're ugly on the outside it don't matter
    If the beauty on the inside it over powers
    If the beauty on the outside it wont matter
    If you're ugly on the inside then I don't want"

    In keeping with the post you read, dontcha think?

    x Nikita

  3. i agree, i don't like meaningless songs or as you said songs about dogs, beer and bitches. i LOVE the Beatles. All their songs are so beautiful and full of meanings, and i can listend to their music all the time.
    Classic music is ofcourse the best. I'm glad that i found someone that have such a good taste of music;P.

    btw: liked the quote:D

  4. i love love love the beatles, and therefore your blog makes me so happy! i actually just posted about across the universe, it's such a gorgeous movie.

    also, i've been listening to mgmt a lot lately to get me in the mood for summer. it works!

    really like your blog! come visit sometime.

  5. WoW... I LOve u'r blog.. I visit u'r blog and Linni Meisters blog every day... Keep the good work ...