Monday, 23 November 2009

Before You Buy A Snake!

Uggh, here is a story I read in a blogg recently.
A girl had been vocationing in Asia, or something, and bought a little "cute" python. Anyway, she managed to smuggle this snake to her home country, and kept it as a pet in her apartment. She feed it with frosen mice which she bought in her local petstore. Eventually this snake grew, and grew bigger and finally got 2 meter long, and she kept it LOOSE inside her appartment.
One day the python didn't want to eat mice, or anything else, it got appetit loss. After a while the snake looked very sick and thin, and the girl got really concerned about her pet.
Time passed by, and the snake didn't eat at all. It lay beside her in her bed and its colour began to bleach.
Finally she began to call to an animal doctor, but she knew that they would take her dearest pet away from her, since it was illegal, but she didn't want her snake to die.
She called, and was told to stant up, don't make any sudden movements, go out of her appartment, lock the door and then call them again. She did what she was told to and they came and took her python and killed it.
Ahhhrrr...You see, the snake measured and starved it self to estimate when it could it her.

Eww, what a disgusting animal. Anyway, imagine a snake loose in your appartment. A snake is'nt as cute as dog or a cate, or is it?

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  1. Pythons don't possess the ability to "scheme" like this. Whoever told you this story gave you a load of rubbish.

    The poor thing was probably very, very ill from something it picked up or near shed if its color was "bleaching".

    As for keeping it loose, that's just a bad plan. Like any pet, it can get into things and hurt itself, let alone the feces it could leave hidden.