Thursday, 9 July 2009


When they become angels
it's allowed to cry
when they leave us
it's not okay to psychically die
when we feel the empty room
and the world we live in
feels like it's doomed
we have to know that there is a day, called tomorrow
remember that life goes on
and we have to leave the sorrow

Yesterday I made this poem. I am not totally satisfied with it, but it's okay, I think. What do you think?
Yesterday I also borrowed a book named "the story of John Lennon", it was very good, so I finished it immediately. I am heading to the library after this post to borrow a new book. I also saw a movie yesterday. Named "Les Choristes". It was french and very thouching story. I recomend it to all who love a really good, thouching, exiting and funny movie. Today i'm gonna watch "Atonement" with Keira Knightley. xx

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